Snake Pi (version 3)

Snake Pi (version 3)
James R Ford, 2011
Archival Lambda print, signed
37 x 52 cm on 42 x 59.4 cm paper
Edition of 10 + AP
Price: £300
Works from the Snake Pis series explore properties of the universe and its random, yet cyclical, nature, using the irrational mathematical constant pi and variables of the snake. Snake Pi (version 3i) is an animation lasting exactly 3.14 hours (3 hr 8 min 24 sec), a simple snake appears on screen and slowly slithers and twists up and around itself until it fully fills the shape of pi, before pulling its body along the path it has made, and disappearing from the bottom of the picture. The work purposely references the display of mobile phones from the late 1990s, on which classic snake game was a standard feature. This limited edition print depicts the mid-point of the animation where the pi symbol is momentarily fully-formed.